What happens when you pick the perfect sheet vinyl?

Sheet vinyl flooring will make many homeowners think of the old linoleum or ancient vinyl flooring from yesteryear. However, the products couldn’t be less similar. The new sheet flooring offers far more benefits including increased durability, a nice lifespan, gorgeous looks, and a certain level of waterproof abilities. When it all comes together, it only makes sense to stop and consider whether this material is a match for your flooring needs. In average size rooms, one piece of sheet vinyl can easily cover an entire room. In these spaces, you’ll have a great waterproof surface, so long as the water or spill doesn’t reach the edges of your flooring. With no seams for the dampness to soak into, you’ll literally have all the time in the world to clean up the spill before any damage is undertaken. In fact, water will evaporate before there would ever be the chance that it would damage your floors. Sheet vinyl is available in a variety of thicknesses and the thicker the material, the more resilience you’ll get out of it. That means it’s much softer underfoot, providing a comfortable surface for walking and standing as well as a warmer touch on those cold mornings. It makes a perfect surface in kitchens, where you’ll often stand for long periods of time to prepare dinner or do dishes. When it comes to the installation of resilient sheet vinyl flooring, you’ll want to make sure to choose an experienced professional installation team. Those who have tried installing this floor covering as a DIY project has regretted it. Not only will one wrong cut ruin an entire room’s worth of flooring, if it isn’t positioned perfectly. The imperfection isn’t usually even noticed until you have much of the piece already glued down, and by then, it’s too late. Call us for more information!

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