Hardwood flooring just makes sense in so many spaces

If you’ve ever considered hardwood flooring for your home, you know how incredibly popular it is. You can choose from either solid or engineered flooring, giving you the ability to floor your entire home between the two. Since the solid variety can never be placed below ground level, engineered flooring offers an excellent alternative because it’s better able to handle temperature changes and a bit more humidity and dampness.

Wally's Carpet & Tile serves the communities of San Bernardino, Yucaipa, Redlands, Beaumont, and Riverside, CA all from our two showrooms in San Bernardino, and Yucaipa, CA. We invite you to visit us at your convenience so you can see exactly how dedicated our service professionals are to making sure your needs are completely met. In addition to providing high-quality floor coverings, we also offer experienced service teams to make sure everything goes exactly as it should.

Solid hardwood is thought to be a bad choice for humid climates. However, certain species are better suited for this type of environment than others are. For instance, American Beech is a great option, offering excellent stability, light hues, and straight grain variations that offer the minimalist and joyous option for nearly any space. Hickory is another moisture-resistant species that is a bit more affordable as there are no shipment prices such as are seen with exotic woods. Jarrah, for example, is an Australian species that is perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces. It’s so tough; you’ll most certainly want nothing less than an experienced professional team to get this flooring properly installed.

You’ll love the flexibility you’ll get with hardwood, as well as the durable surface. Choose from finishes such as hard wax or oil-based for extra durability. With the proper installation and maintenance, you can easily expect 100 years or more from these floors, especially when properly finished. One of the things that lend to the great lifespan in this material is the fact that you can refinish it when you begin to see signs of wear and tear.

Scratches, scuffs, water spots, and damage are all a normal part of life for hardwood flooring. When they finally get to be too much for you, scheduling a refinishing will bring them right back to a like-new finish. During this procedure, you can even opt to change the stain color or finish type, leaving you with what looks like a whole new wood flooring installation.

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