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Which carpet will serve you best? Nylon or polyester?

As you shop for the perfect carpet, you'll learn about fibers. And one fiber will indeed serve you better than all the others.

But between nylon and polyester, which is best for your specific purposes? Again, it pays to take some time to find out more about that before you start to shop.

Facts about nylon fibers

Nylon is the most popular flooring fiber and makes up most carpets sold. It offers impressive strength and works very well in your busy spaces.

It's also a long-lasting choice, especially with proper installation and care. And depending on your options, your carpet installation could last between 5 and 20 years or more.

Facts about polyester fibers

You should know that polyester isn't as resistant to wear as nylon. But it does offer impressive stain resistance, especially if you have children.

But this fiber does offer some outstanding color options, with bright, beautiful hues. And it provides a lifespan just shy of what you'll get from nylon.

Finding out more about your fiber options

Visiting a dedicated carpet store can change how you view fibers. Not only will you get more information, but you can see the carpets for yourself.

Colors can change from the screen to the showroom. And you'll get to ask all your most important questions when you visit.

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If you have specific requirements, we have the products and services to meet them. Our goal is your complete satisfaction, and it shows.

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