Which carpet fiber is perfect for your house?

Which carpet fiber is perfect for your house?

It's enough to make your head swim! That is, selecting the suitable fiber for your carpet?installation.?

Fiber is the most crucial decision you'll make. It has everything to do with aesthetics and function. Let's simplify it.

Natural and synthetic fibers are both excellent choices

Your choice depends on how much you value specific characteristics. For example, natural fiber is harvested from plants and animals.??

Natural fiber might appeal to those who are concerned about the environment.

Others, especially those with large families, see synthetics as the more practical choice. This is because they tend to be more stain-resistant and are less expensive, and go through a manufacturing process.

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Wool: chemical and toxin-free

This is the most common natural fiber used for broadloom; others, like sisal, jute, seagrass, and?coir, are more appropriate as mats.

Wool carpet is durable, soil resistant, and fire retardant.

Nylon: super strength!

Large families with kids and pets may find nylon carpet to be ideal. It stands up to any wear, has good stain resistance, and has outstanding resiliency.

Nylon, a synthetic, is soft with various colors and styles. It's as visually appealing as it is functional.?

Other popular synthetics include:

  1. Polyester: This is non-absorbent, so when a protectant is used, this carpet has impressive resistance to stains. It works best on moderately busy floors.
  2. Olefin: This budget-friendly fiber is mainly associated with looped constructions.
  3. Triexta: This has superior strength and permanent stain resistance built into the fiber.??

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