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Three top pattern options for carpet flooring

You may not realize how many visual options you have in carpet flooring. That's why it's easy to match your current decor scheme.

Knowing more about your choices in this flooring line can help you choose the perfect match. And here are three top pattern options for your flooring needs.

1. Animal print is trending and beautiful

These bold options make a big statement in otherwise bland spaces. Choosing a sophisticated animal print can spice up any room.

These pieces offer excellent conversation starters with visitors. And you can even turn them into area rugs for a bold carpet installation in any area.

2. Geometric carpet patterns are taking center stage

You can enjoy one of the biggest carpet flooring trends with geometric patterns in various shapes. Hexagons are impressive, just as a pattern with triangular and circular visuals.

These prints are inspired by Maximalism, with hints of Arabesque and Moroccan overtones. Take time to consider this trend, which looks to remain for several years.

3. Floral patterns are no longer considered "vintage"

Bold floral prints are back with a better-than-ever neutral twist. Gray carpeting with intricate florals built-in is the new craze.

Muted carpet colors are reminiscent of the vintage feels these florals bring with them. And they're a perfect addition to loud, fun decor backdrops.?

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