Can you customize my carpet flooring?

Can you customize my carpet flooring?

Yes, and there are many reasons why you?d want to customize your carpet installation. The apparent reason is to make it fit; rugs come in standard sizes.

However, rooms aren't perfect squares, and there are also door sills, moldings, and baseboards with which to contend.

Custom rugs save you money

Usually, when you order a rug, the installer will cut around it to make it fit. That creates a lot of waste. With a custom rug, the fit is just right. You?re in control.

Sometimes you see the almost-perfect rug. But the color or texture isn't quite what you wanted.

No need to settle. Now you can get just what you want.

Advantages of carpet

  1. A style for everyone. From looped style to cut piles and cut and loops, there?s something for everyone.?
  2. Improves indoor air quality. What vacuuming doesn't get gets trapped in the fibers where they'll remain until deep cleaned. That takes the particles and pollutants out of the breathing zone.?
  3. Technological advances have created larger color palettes, digital patterning, and carpets that address particular concerns, such as hypoallergenic and pet-and-kid-friendly versions.

In our showroom, you'll see products such as Air.O, which addressed hypoallergenic, and SmartStrand which was extensively tested at kids' parties and zoo animals before coming to market. Feel free to go into our carpet store in San Bernardino, CA.

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