You can add color and warmth to a room by installing carpeting and a floor covering that can last 15 years or more.

Wally's Carpet & Tile, a carpet store in San Bernardino, CA, has a large selection of carpeting suitable for all types of households, including pet-friendly ones. We have a second location in Yucaipa, too, as well as a mobile showroom.

1. Pre-installation preparation is simple.

Complete a few simple tasks and enjoy a problem-free installation day. First, create a clear path to the work area and remove smaller items from that area, including anything on the lower portion of the walls.

Set your thermostat to at least 65 degrees, so this soft surface floor stretches appropriately into place. Lastly, vacuum the carpeting to be removed to keep the dust down.

2. Carpet installation day is busy but productive.

The installation team will bring all the tools they need to lay the floor, including a stretcher and trimmer. Next, they move furniture, clean the subfloor after removing the old flooring, and make necessary repairs.

Then tack strips are put in place to hold the carpeting down, the flooring is stretched, seams are hidden, and edges are trimmed neatly and flush with the walls.

3. Padding, designed for the type of carpeting you choose, is part of the installation process.

Padding, or underlayment, is placed beneath carpet flooring to guarantee that your properly cared-for carpet will have a long lifespan.

In addition to protection from wear, padding adds comfort underfoot and provides thermal and sound insulation. Most padding is made of the same foam type used for stuffing furniture and mattresses.

Your “go-to” flooring store in Southern California!

Family-owned Wally's Carpet & Tile installs carpeting in Southern California, including San Bernardino, Yucaipa, Redlands, Beaumont, and Riverside.

In addition, we offer free in-home measurement and other services like flooring repairs and design consultation. So come to our showroom in San Bernardino or Yucaipa to begin your carpet upgrade, or contact us about our shop-at-home service.