Yes. You can get any decor from farmhouse to beach-themed, mid-century modern, and more with a vinyl floor.

Farmhouse style: steeped in history

Sometimes referred to as farmhouse rustic, this style dates back to the arrival of the first settlers. This design plan underscores simplicity, practicality, and comfort. Wood is a common element, and you'll see a lot of gray or greige.

Other colors, in elements like backsplashes, will be white or black. Vibrant colors like red or green are typically used for accent pieces.

The evolution of vinyl

Vinyl is available in sheets of six-foot, 12-foot, or even 13-foot widths. It was introduced in the 1940s.

A vinyl floor was highly praised for being affordable, durable, easy to clean, and highly water-resistant. Today it still has those qualities, but the style and waterproof capabilities have expanded–in a big way.

Now, you'll see gorgeous and completely realistic wood, stone and tile designs. The images are taken with 3D photography, and the floors have textures, finishes, micro beveling, and embossing.

Of course, you can also find florals, geometrics, checkerboards, and more at our showroom's vinyl floor store. This material is considered a trend because it offers so much value for the decorating dollar.

About embossed-in-register (EIR)

You can get rustic textures, such as brushed, hand-scraped, and distressed. EIR might be the most realistic, though, say some.

Embossing creates little indentations that exactly match those of the image. However, it looks and feels just like genuine wood.

Vinyl flooring quality you can trust in the Redlands, CA area

Many say the installation is as necessary as the product, and Wally's Carpet & Tile couldn't agree more. Have your vinyl floor professionally installed; even the wrong cuts can ruin an otherwise gorgeous surface.

We have locations in Redlands & Beaumont, CA, where you'll see top brands like Tarkett. In addition, we work with homeowners and businesses in San Bernardino & Yucaipa, CA.