As you search for the perfect carpet flooring for your home, we know you'll have plenty of questions. To begin, you'll need products that cater to décor matching, performance, and lifespan.

The good news is that there are plenty of features to discuss in this flooring line, and we’ll cover them all with you. In the meantime, here’s some information about trends in carpeting that are sure to match your décor.

1. Neutral colors do so much

You’ll find plenty of variety in the neutral color scheme, especially for carpeting, with results that create a fantastic flooring foundation. Be sure to consider carpets with blues, grays, creams, and beiges to match any décor scheme you might have.

2. Big, bold designs are still in

Look at trends featuring bold designs and colors if you need something more exciting for your home's décor. These aren't the perfect choice for every homeowner, but they might be just what your home needs.

3. Animal print makes a splash

Like bold designs, animal print carpeting doesn't match every need, but you can use it to make a statement in certain areas. Create fun and exciting spaces with this carpet installation.

4. Geometric shapes could work for you

Geometric shapes are much more and cater to a broader homeowner range. For example, consider hexagon and fan shapes, along with many others.

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